Escola básica do Refúgio hastea a 9ª bandeira verde

Escola básica do Refúgio hastea a 9ª bandeira verde


Eco Program – Schools is an international project that aims to encourage actions and recognize the quality of work done by schools within the Environmental Education. Themes to be addressed are: waste, water and energy (obligatory) and an optional subject can be: organic farming, forest or sea. These themes and activities should be integrated into the annual plan of activities

-Operação alegria (Resiestrela) -Collect waste to the yellow bin. The weight
-Collect Cartridges
-Geração Depositrão – Collect appliances, electronic devices, batteries for “depositrão” that is in the schoolyard
-Eco escovinhas
-Collect caps -For a child who needs a wheelchair
We count on your collaboration for the promotion and implementation of these projects and others that may arise

On 30 September two thousand and sixteen took place the ceremony of the Green Flag Eco Schools 2015/2016, held in Aveiro. Our school was awarded with the prize “GREEN FLAG” for the ninth consecutive year. This award was only possible for the work and commitment of the educational community.


World Day of Actions

On this day we want to feel united to all the eco students of the Eco schools of the whole world.
In the Refúgio School we…
• hoisted the flag
• talked about the importance and responsibility of the green flag award and the eco-student
• sang the anthem and we make the decoration of it.
• saw the video “Delivery of the green flags in Aveiro”
• cleaned the playground
• observed our biological garden and the plantations
• created and was put to work the watchful brigade
• decorated the container to collect the rainwater
• brought from home a boot to decorate our garden
• Arrangement of our garden
• shared with other eco schools our anthem and eco code.

1-Do not waste energy; takes advantage of the daylight
2 – Red, green and blue: the waste has to go to be able to recycle
3 – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is not an option, but a must
4-Water goes and Water comes, save this precious good
5- In the playground I will have lunch and as an eco student I will behave
6-To breathe fresh air, the forests I should care
7– For animals not extinguish, we all must contribute
8- If a healthy environment you want to have,an organic garden you should do with vegetables.
9 If you like the river or the sea, do not leave trash floating
10-A clean school is a call for entry
11- A conscious school always has an eco code.
12 – The Eco School wants to save nature and the eco students will help

Escola EB1/JI do Refúgio | Covilhã
Educação de qualidade - Objetivo 4Cidades e comunidades sustentáveis - Objetivo 11
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