School Monsenhor João Maurício Amaral Ferreira in Global Action Days

School Monsenhor João Maurício Amaral Ferreira in Global Action Days


On the 7th of November, at the school Monsenhor João Maurício Amaral Ferreira in Povoação, Azores, we had the oportunity to share with children what it means to eat in a healthy and sustainable way.
We were quite suprised with the interaction they had with us and their interest in learning and understanding the big impact that healthy food can have on our lives.
They were able to to identify the important sectores in the food pyramid and which types of food should be eaten in larger portions, as well as the importance of recycling. It should also be noted that they knew that water is the most important thing that should be ingested.
We really enjoyed this oportunity and we would love to organize an event like this again in the future.
We would like to thank the following businesses for their cooperation with this breakfast: Emanuel Casado for his honey, Celeiro da Terra for their jams, Mrs. Nélia Linhares for her bolos lêvedos, fruit shop Luís Estrela and professor Pedro Costa for offering fruit, and Mrs. Glória Furtado for her massa sovada.

Escola Profissional Monsenhor João Maurício de Amaral Ferreira | Povoação
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