Plantationof grains

Plantationof grains


Mantain the tradition of planting the “searinhas” in Christmas. Sustainable Christmas spirit.

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Associated with christmas time the plantation of grains – wheat, lentils, corn, lupini beans and chickpeas – in small pots, “searinhas”, appear mainly in the rural areas of the island, where they are placed in oratories and nativity scenes ” presépios” at home, on chapels and churches.

The “searinhas” are offered to baby Jesus, requesting good harvests. The grains are soaked on the day of the Immaculate Conception and then planted on the day of the first childbirth mass ( there are nine masses of childbirth, representing the nine months of the Virgin Mary pregnancy and they occur at dawn).

By Christmas Eve the sprouts are ready to be placed on the ” lapinha” ( nativity scene in a rock-shaped form imitating the mountains and valleys of the island).

A group of students, from 6.6 and 5.2 classes, did a small activity in order to maintain the tradition of planting the ” searinhas” in Christmas.



In the end, all students took their Christmas pots home in order to water the grains and follow their grow. The students left the bio-garden very happy and with a sustainable Christmas spirit. The mentor of the activity was teacher Maria João Fabrício, with the collaboration of teacher Fátima Barreto.

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