Lot´s of activities – Escola Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia

Lot´s of activities – Escola Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia


Develop an ecological conscience. Awaereness of innovative and imaginative new forms of re-use. Instill a sense of responsibility and respect for nature. Develop the interest for the practice of organic farming.

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During the month of November of the current school year many and varied ativities were energized by the eco schools project of Horácio Bento School. Our pupils prepared our eco friendly garden to welcome studens of Erasmus Project ” News from a greener Europe” fom Italy, Spain, Latvia and Lithuania. They not only, tasted but also, scented the aromas of our aromatic herbs. They also took part in the sowing of basilic and parsley.
We reused jars which were decorated with Christmas décors to put our walnuts and cinnamon pumpkin jam.
We also drew up our Eco- Code.
As a result of good school cooperation we received parakeets, canaries and dwarf rabbits which are a plus to our Eco-Garden, as well as a way of brighten up the curiosity of our pupils.


All the activities carried out had a very active participation.

The interest expressed by the participants was enormous.

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