Go Green and Treat Earth as a Queen

Go Green and Treat Earth as a Queen


Raise environmental awareness, understanding and knowledge of the environment among young people; Stimulate the adoption of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle; Promote the protection and conservation of the environment; Think about the importance of planet Earth to all species, through slogans and pictures.    

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To get the message through and raise environmental awareness among young people, students and teachers decided to create catchy slogans on their T-Shirts, build topic-based frames, paint a background set and take pictures of the event in the central area of the school. During the activity topic-related music was also used as a strategy to draw the attention of the school community.

The event took place on April 27th, during the morning.


The event was a success. It required a great effort and commitment of students and teachers. The main goals were accomplished and students cooperated with great enthusiasm.

Escola Secundária Damião de Goes | Alenquer
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