A Beautiful Day!

A Beautiful Day!


Promote the participation of the parents in the Eco Schools Project.

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Today it was a great, very special day to our Project Eco Schools.

Pupils of year six, class six, invigorated an activity in our beautiful eco-friendly garden.

These students invited their guardians, the School Board and the teachers who belong to this Project to be present.

In addition to providing the Project with materials which will undoubtedly help maintain our vegetable garden, students also recited a poem, sang a song which honoured their parents and finally they sang the anthem of our Eco schools Project whose lyrics was created by these students with the help of their amazing Music teacher, Mrs Ferreira, who also created the music. Furthermore they made a guided tour in this space telling about and identifying plants, as well as, explaining some of the dynamics of this Project.

In the end of this activity a snack was served while everybody was socializing and talking about the flexibility and interaction of the several subjects with the Project itself.

Last but not least, students played the game ‘Spiral of climate change’.

The teachers involved in this Project would like to thank the availability, the commitment and the good mood of these brilliant students who are always eager to cooperate with this Project


The parents were surprised by the dynamics and organizations of the event promoted by  their children.


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